‘Permit Karen’ Terrorizes Black Neighbors for Building a Patio

A white woman in Montclair, New Jersey was caught on camera calling the police on her black neighbors for trying to build a patio.

Woman Claims Of Being Assaulted After Asked To Leave

A Racist Karen harassed a black couple Accusing Them of not having a permit to install a stone patio on their own property. Then she proceeded to call the police & placed a false report of assault charges claiming after her brother told her to leave his property. Via

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“A woman named Susan Schulz, whom social media users are calling ‘Permit Karen,’ is alleged to have walked onto her neighbors property to question whether or not they had a permit for the work they were doing. She then accuses her neighbor, Fareed Nassor Hayat, an attorney and Law Professor at the City University of New York, of pushing her. His wife Norrinda can be heard off camera disputing those claims. Schulz then turns to her neighbors, who had come outside to watch the commotion. They were less than enthused to corroborate her claims. She then contacts the Montclair Police Department.” Source