Chaotic scene as police SUV pushed through crowd after protesters climb on hood

Detroit police SUV plows through protesters, flings people who climbed on hood

What started as a peaceful demonstration against police brutality in Detroit took a troubling turn late Sunday when a throng of marchers surrounded a police vehicle and some protesters jumped on the SUV as it pushed through the crowd.

The incident was sparked when an officer, who was escorting the protesters, moved his vehicle into the crowd. Some of the marchers tried to block the SUV, and others, whom police referred to as “agitators,” jumped onto the hood and roof as the march moved toward West Vernor near Dix, heading toward Clark Park, at about 9:30 p.m.

Dozens of protesters surrounded the vehicle and a rear back window was “busted out,” police said. “The officer tried to escape,” according to the department. Protesters were still on the hood as the SUV accelerated. They slid from the vehicle and tumbled onto the ground. Source

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