Suspected Sex Trafficking House Burned

An angry crowd set fire to a home and van suspected of being used in sex trafficking

What started Tuesday as a missing-persons investigation morphed over the course of several hours as tensions about police treatment ran high and rumors spread online.

By nightfall, three people — including two 14-year-olds — had been shot, a house was set on fire, and police had fired tear gas and pepper spray on some members of a scattered crowd of hundreds who’d gathered outside a Milwaukee house where police earlier conducted an investigation into two missing teenage girls.

One of the two girls had been found as of Tuesday night, Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales said in a news conference. TV stations reported earlier that family members of the girls — ages 13 and 15, last seen Sunday — said they’d both been found safe during the afternoon.

Police are also investigating whether the girls may have been victims of sex trafficking, police spokeswoman Sgt. Sheronda Grant said. Read More

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