Body camera footage from South Carolina police show shooting of handcuffed man

After months of community unrest, the police department in this small rural city this week released a video of officers fatally shooting a handcuffed black man they said was wielding a gun in a Walmart parking lot last November.

But the grainy police body camera footage failed to provide closure to the family of 28-year-old Ariane McCree, the man shot by officers. They maintain the video does not demonstrate that McCree did anything wrong, and the family called on Friday for the officers involved to be fired and criminally charged.

Two Chester officers, Nicholas Harris and Justin Baker, told investigators they shot and killed McCree only after the former Chester High School football standout aimed his pistol at them while fleeing an arrest for shoplifting.

Their accounts match some eyewitnesses who said they saw McCree carrying the gun at his right hip. Others claimed they saw McCree firing the gun at officers. But there were also witnesses who say they never saw him carrying a gun at all. Source

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