Thieves raid high-end Manhattan fur store amid George Floyd protests, stealing $750,000 in pricey coats and hats

A group of looters splintered off from a massive George Floyd protest in Midtown and raided a high-end fur shop in Chelsea, taking more than $750,000 in minks, coats and hats, surveillance video shows.

The video released Saturday by police shows a mob of thieves trying to force their way through a locked security door at the closed Madison Avenue Furs on W. 27th St. near Seventh Ave. at about 11:20 p.m. Monday.

One of the looters manages to climb over the high partition and unlocking the security door. A few moments later more than a dozen looters stream inside, plucking fur hats and minks off mannequins, the video shows.

Employees estimate that $750,000 worth of furs were taken during the late-night raid. Source

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