Mexico police set on fire during protests against fatal beating

Shocking footage shows the moment a police officer is set on fire by protesters in Mexico 

A police officer is set alight by a protester during demonstrations over the death of a man in police custody in Mexico

Protesters in Mexico called for authorities to be held accountable for the death in custody of a man allegedly arrested over not wearing a face mask in public.

Crowds in Guadalajara – the country’s second biggest city and capital of the state of Jalisco – vandalised buildings, including the palace, and set fire to several police cars. 

Officers were seen using force against protesters.

The story of the man who died – named as Giovanni Lopez – is ridden with “many lies”, according to Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro. 

He denied the man depicted in the video had been held for not using a face mask, but gave no further details. Source

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