A Man Wielding A Chainsaw Yelled The N-Word At Protesters And Told Them To “Go Home”

Man with chainsaw chases away South Texas protesters

A man seen in a video wielding a chainsaw at protesters walking down the street in Texas has been detained, according to a local report.

The video, posted to Twitter Friday afternoon, shows the man starting up the chainsaw and then pointing it at a group of people who were walking down the sidewalk wearing masks and carrying signs in downtown McAllen as he yells at them to “move” and “go home.”

“Go home! Go home,” the man orders as another person cries, “somebody, please call 911.”

“Don’t let those fucking niggers out there fool you,” he yells. “Don’t let those fucking trash antifa bullshit people fool you.”

“Don’t let these pendejos right here,” he said, using a Spanish slur meaning idiots, “Don’t let these fucking assholes lie to you. Don’t let them lie to you.”

“We are walking,” a person yells back. “That’s all we are doing.” Source

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