Woman calls cops on man peacefully protesting alone in Florida suburb and says she ‘doesn’t want the wrong people coming to the neighborhood’

Just after 6 p.m. on Sunday, Shane Meyers was staging a peaceful, one-man protest in the affluent white suburb of Wellington, Florida when indie rapper AngieonMars spotted him on the corner of Forest Hill Blvd and U.S. route 441 with a sign that read “black lives f-cking matter.” Taking out her phone and rolling down her window, Angie filmed a TikTok as she passed by in a car.  

“All it takes is one,” she called to a smiling Meyers. “Thank you, God bless.”

It was a sweet moment, but it didn’t last. As Meyers would go on to show in a TikTok of his own, he was approached shortly thereafter by a white woman who reported him to the police for “inciting riots.”  Continue Reading

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