Three men were arrested after a brawl broke out with cops in Brooklyn when one of the men refused to hand over a bottle of booze, police said Monday.

The video shows at least six officers struggling to arrest two men — as they exchange blows in Brownsville Sunday.

Cops said the melee erupted just after 8 p.m. Sunday near Briston Street and Livonia Avenue where officers approached a group of men — including 39-year-old Jerry Akbar who was allegedly smoking marijuana and drinking.

Officers were going to cut Akbar a break and let him go without a summons — but the man became “combative and belligerent” when he was asked to hand over his bottle of booze, according to the NYPD.

As officers tried to collar Akbar, another man — 44-year-old Sam Moore — jumped in the fight, spitting on a cop and kicking another in the stomach, a spokeswoman said. Source

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