A nurse who says she relocated to New York City to help with the coronavirus crisis broke down on video after what she called a “really rough” day on the front lines.

D’neil Schmall, who said she arrived in Manhattan last month to treat COVID-19 patients at the temporary hospital set up in Central Park, detailed what she described as the “worst shift” she’s spent working since her March 30 arrival.

“I don’t know, I just feel like there’s only so much anyone can take,” a weeping Schmall said in the 8-minute video posted on her Facebook page Tuesday. “I’m tired of walking into rooms and your patient’s dead. You just walk into a room, and there’s a dead body there. I’m tired of calling families and telling them that news.”

Schmall, whose Facebook says she attended UCLA, added that she feels “so much sadness” for her fellow nurses and health-care workers. She said she posted the footage in hopes of revealing what they deal with well after shifts up 15 hours long. Read More