A Popeyes employee has been arrested after being caught on video body-slamming a customer outside a Tennessee store. 

Deriance Ra’Shaiel Hughes, 29, has been charged with felony aggravated assault after allegedly attacking Debra Staggs in a dispute over her check.

Rocky – McElhaney – Law – Firm – Staggs

Rocky McElhaney Law Firm which is representing Staggs, 55, said she was trying to get a refund after being charged twice for her $13.11 meal. 

Video of the attack quickly went viral with the footage showing people chasing Staggs outside the restaurant. She is then body slammed to the ground by a man who is now believed to be Hughes. 

Staggs – Leg – Fractures – Elbow – Ribs

Staggs has been left with a broken leg, nine fractures in her elbow and six broken ribs.

She has already had two operations and is expected to need months of rehabilitation. 

Restaurant – Sunday – Tuesday – Meal – Chicken

She had eaten at the restaurant on Sunday and returned Tuesday after realizing she had been charged twice for a $13.11 meal of chicken tenders, corn, biscuits and apple pies. 

According to the Tennessean, Staggs spoke to a manager on the phone who told her to return to the Columbia outlet for a refund.

Rocky – McElhaney – Executive – Officer – Attorney

Rocky McElhaney, chief executive officer and lead attorney of the law firm representing her, said: ‘When she got there she was treated with hostility and anger from the manager.

‘There were words back and forth.’ 

Footage – Restaurant – Staggs – Employees – Altercation

Separate footage taken inside the restaurant shows Staggs and employees arguing before the physical altercation happened. There are conflicting reports of what was said.

In the audio the man filming says: ‘You are in the wrong place saying the N-word.’ 

Slur – Footage – Staggs – N-word

A racial slur is not heard in the footage and Staggs, who is white, denies using the N-word. 

A spokesperson for Popeyes said: ‘These actions run completely contrary to our standards and the integrity of our brand. 

Investigation – Franchisee – Action

‘Following an investigation, the franchisee took immediate action…(Excerpt) Read more at: Mail Online