Moses Lake, WA – On September 19, 2019, Grant County deputies responded to a home on Maple Drive regarding a domestic violence call of a man assaulting his girlfriend. The suspect now identified as Timothy Riggins, fled the home prior to deputies arriving. The girlfriend was able to give a description to the deputies of what Riggins was wearing. Riggins was later spotted in the driveway of another residence. According to deputies, Riggins began to walk away, hop a fence, and then ran. Moses Lake police officer Brad Zook and his K9 partner Rex were on patrol nearby and saw Riggins running in a field behind a residence. After giving warnings to stop, Zook released Rex who hopped on a pile of sheetrock and captured Riggins by biting him in the leg. Riggins falls off the pile of sheetrock and attempts to flee again. Zook released Rex a second time and Riggins was bit in the leg again. Riggins was arrested and booked into the Grant County Jail on a Department of Corrections warrant. Riggins has previously been convicted of violent crimes. The domestic violence assault is still under investigation. Source