A video is going viral of a deaf woman being berated and denied service by a Campbell, Calif. Jack in the Box employee.

deaf woman in California was mocked and refused service by a Jack in the Box employee after she passed the speaker at the fast-food franchise’s drive-thru and went directly to the service window to place her order.

As ReVae Arnaud-Jensen of Campbell, Calif., explained why she was unable to use the drive-thru’s speaker and attempted to give her order on Aug. 31, she was berated by the worker. Eventually, her son, Malachi Jensen, started to film the offensive interaction. He told NBC News that he began to record because the interaction is a “common problem” deaf people face.

The video, which Arnaud-Jensen shared on her Facebook page, shows the woman attempting to explain to the Jack in the Box employee that she is deaf. She can be heard saying, “I can’t hear” and “You’re discriminating.”