A couple caught $250,000 cash blowing in the wind outside a Chase bank in Spring. They kept only a photo and story few believe.

“You didn’t take just one is what they say to me at work,” Alicia Nelson said. “I say no I didn’t take any money.”

Two weeks ago, Nelson and boyfriend Jason O’Leary heard a crash from their home patio. It happened a block away.

“Somebody was hurt in an accident is what I thought and we were going to help them,” Nelson said.

Instead, they saw an ATM ripped open, people in a car and truck dragging a chain speeding away. They also saw money flying.

“I was like oh my gosh, babe,” Nelson said. “Look at that money everywhere.”

“She was ready to go,” O’Leary said.

“I wasn’t thinking that,” Nelson said.

“We were just talking that morning saying, man, I wish we could run into some cash,” O’Leary added.

“All I could think was pick it up,” Nelson said. “Pick it up. Pick it up. (O’Leary was) like babe call the cops.”

“I was telling her I don’t want to rob someone else’s robbery,” he said. “Let’s just get the cops here and maybe something good will happen down the road.”

Dispatchers told them to hold ever dollar until deputies arrived.

“The first deputy he got out of the car (saying) put (the money) down,” Nelson said.

She and O’Leary insist they kept nothing and reaped neither reward nor thank you from the bank.

“It felt good to know that we were doing the right thing,” Nelson said.