Andreas Hvid, a Danish photographer, released a video and a series of photos Friday which showed him and a naked woman, uh, copulating on top of the pyramid. These photos weren’t received too well by both the general public of Egypt and Egypt’s government. According to Egyptian outlet Ahram Online, Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities Khaled El-Anany has ordered prosecutors to investigate the validity of the images and look into whether Hvid and his model friend “really filmed an explicit pornographic video atop the Pyramid.” Source

One former official talking to NBC, has indicated that the footage and photo is fake because there “is no way anyone can enter the Pyramids area at night” and the size of the stones don’t match. That said, it must be noted that others have been able to scale the pyramid in the past with a German man being arrested in 2016. I probably don’t need to point it out but it’s quite darn illegal to trespass on and climb the pyramids.