The day after Chris Watts was arrested for murdering his pregnant wife and two daughters, Colorado investigators sat down for two hours with the woman he’d been having an affair with.

In audio of the Aug. 16 interview released Thursday and obtained by The Denver PostNichol Kessinger tells police she believes the Watts’ finances were the biggest factor in his crimes, but said her relationship with Watts might have “accelerated the process.”

(Click here for the audio.)

She says a lot of people might blame her, believing she was the catalyst for the slayings, but she adds, “I legitimately think his cheese was sliding off his cracker long before he met me,” says Kessinger.

According to nearly 2,000 documents released by Colorado prosecutors earlier this month, Kessinger did a Google Search for “Did people hate Amber Frey?” — referencing the woman who was having an affair with infamous killer Scott Peterson, who murdered his wife, Laci, and their unborn child in 2002.

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