A black babysitter says a woman called the police on him while two white children were in his care.

On Sunday, while babysitting for the 10-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son of his friends Dana Mango and David Parker, Corey Lewis of Marietta, Ga., treated the kids to lunch at a Subway inside Walmart. Afterward, the 27-year-old, who runs the youth mentoring program Inspired by Lewis, was standing with the kids outside his car while the boy finished eating when he noticed a white woman sitting in her car, staring.

“She pulled up alongside us and asked, ‘Are the kids OK?’” Lewis tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I answered, ‘Why wouldn’t they be?’ She just smirked and drove off.”

The woman circled the parking lot and returned to Lewis’s car, saying, “Can I ask the little girl if she knows who you are?” and Lewis answered, “No, you cannot.” The woman then said, “OK, I will take down your license plate,” and left.

“I asked a few white witnesses if it looked suspicious that I was caring for two white children, and they said ‘Kind of,’” says Lewis. “But the kids were goofing around and eating, and there was no sign of danger.” Source