Statement from the uploader


My wife and I stayed at the comfort inn in Comstock Park, Michigan our wedding night. A few day later my wife noticed a charge on the credit card she didn’t recognize. Comfort in had charged us almost double what the room cost us. I called and was told we were charged a smoking fee. I stated we had not smoked In the room and had specifically gone outside to smoke. The lady on the phone said the room smelled like marijuana. I stated that my wife and I both had medical marijuana licenses and that we had gone outside to smoke, not in the hotel. After a couple weeks of getting the runaround I decided to drive to the hotel and try to resolve the issue. I walked into the hotel and asked to speak to a manager. A lady named Tammy came out and stated she was the manager. I began to tell here who I was and I was immediately cut off and she began yelling. After a couple min of this I began recording……After the camera went off I went outside and called the police. They came watched the , got my statement, asked if I wanted to charges (yes), and asked me to leave and they’d take care of it. Nothing happened. I called and was told the prosecutor decided not to charges.