A viral video of a woman with bright green hair shooting into a man’s car at a Miami flea market, taking a child from the backseat and speeding off has brought real police scrutiny to a clip the green-haired woman calls fake.

The one-minute clip — posted on Twitter with the caption “Damn She Shot Her Babydaddy At The Flea Market For Cheating” — has more than 1.2 million views and tens of thousands of retweets. The Miami New Times first reported that Miami-Dade Police are investigating the veracity of the video, which hundreds of commenters have decried as fake.

“It’s under investigation,” MDPD spokesman Chris Thomas told the Miami Herald. “We’re try to find out if it’s legitimate or not. We don’t know.”

After receiving questions from a Miami Herald reporter, the subject of the video, a Miami nail artist and model who goes by the Instagram handle @jordans_n_diamonds, posted on Instagram that the video is fake.