22 Year Old Killed After Stopping to Help a Driver — and the Suspect Steals His Car: Police

While walking back to his 2015 Hyundai after helping a stranded car, Dhimitri Andoni was hit and killed by another driver who then left in Andoni’s car.

A good deed turned into a tragedy when Dhimitri Andoni of Clearwater, Florida, pulled over to help another driver and was killed by an oncoming motorist — and the suspect got away in Andoni’s own car, authorities say.

Andoni, 22, spotted a driver who had lost control of a vehicle while he drove near downtown St. Petersburg on I-275 on Thursday night, according to a Florida Highway Patrol press release obtained by PEOPLE.

Andoni got out of his 2015 Hyundai to lend a hand as his act of generosity was recorded by a camera in his car, NBC affiliate WFLA reported.

“Shortly after stopping, the motorist was able to depart the scene and Andoni walked back to his vehicle,” the press release says.

As Andoni returned to his car, Dana Thomas Byrd, 30, of St. Petersburg hit and killed him in a 1996 Ford, according to authorities. “Byrd stopped along the shoulder, approached Andoni and discovered he was deceased. Byrd then entered Andoni’s vehicle and fled the scene of the crash,” the press release said. Source