Seven members of the NYPD were arrested Wednesday in connection with a prostitution and narcotics case dating back to 2015.

The suspects — three sergeants, two detectives and two officers — were reportedly based in Queens and Brooklyn were believed to be providing protection for the operation of the prostitution and gambling ring in the same boroughs.

At least two NYPD detectives were placed on modified duty as a result of the investigation

The department released the following statement:

“Today, those who swore an oath and then betrayed it have felt the consequences of that infidelity. The people of this Department are rightly held to the highest standard, and should they fail to meet it, the penalty will be swift and severe. I thank Deputy Commissioner Joseph Reznick for the thorough investigation performed by the Internal Affairs Bureau, in partnership with the Queens District Attorney’s Office, in rooting out this illicit activity. His unit initiated this probe and in doing so, has sent a clear message: there is no place in the NYPD for criminal or unethical behavior.”