SHOCKING: Woman Brags About Raping a 9 Year Old Boy (Vi...

Shock video emerges online in which a woman claims to have relations with a...

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Mom Kicks Son Out For Voting Donald Trump At School Ele...

Too far? Mom appears to kick son out of home for voting Trump

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Door Salesman Got Bars

This guy could sell water as wine

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Dudes Get Kicked Out Of Walgreen's for Wearing Leggings

Group of guys get kicked out of a store for wearing leggings!

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Women Run into Empty Parking Space to Save a Spot!

Women run into a parking space to save a spot for themselves... smh

  • kenny

Mother Shaves Daughters Head After She Bullied Cancer P...

Good parenting or reverse bullying?

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Girl Gets Caught Cheating By Best Man


  • amber

He Told His Dad He Got His Side Chick Pregnant

"Dad, I got my side chick pregnant" The reaction though LMAO

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Big Guy Instantly Regrets Wrapping Himself in Firecrack...

Horrible stunt that could have ended worse.

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Thief Got Stuck Inside a Donation Box

Man allegedly stealing clothes from a donation box got stuck inside, so onl...

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Girl Stole From a Woman And Continued Shopping at Rainb...

Woman Caught STEALING OUT OF PURSES In The Changing Areas . . . At RAINBOW...

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Dude Tried to Blast Girlfriend for Cheating But He Soun...

This guy thinks he's a "savage" but sounds pretty heart broken.

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Guy Jumping In Random Peoples Cars Almost Gets Shot (Pa...

Random Guy Jumps Into People's Car and Say's it's Just A Prank

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Man says Final Goodbye in a Farewell Video after Crashi...

'Dragon' crash survivor shares final goodbye videos

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Cop Stops Man For Not Showing Receipt (Video)

This feels like harassment. Cop Stops this man for no reason, he is convinc...

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