Viral shark-dragging video leads to FWC investigation
A disturbing video of a shark being dragged behind a boat has prompted an investigation by officials in Florida.

A viral video of a shark being dragged behind a boat has now prompted an investigation by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, though officers aren't sure if any laws were violated.

The short video clip shows a shark tied several feet behind a speeding powerboat.  As the boat cruises over the water, the shark flips and twists as it hits waves and the wake of the boat.  Three young men in the boat point and laugh as the shark slaps the water, though it’s not clear if the animal is alive. 

The video surfaced online in the last few days, but the original source was not immediately clear.  Now, with the video attracting comments and outrage from around the world, the FWC says they want to know who those men are.

Wildlife officers with the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are investigating a viral video that shows a shark being dragged behind a boat at a high rate of speed.


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