Tragic: 11-Year-Old Brain Cancer Survivor Commits Suicide After Being Bullied About Looks
A young brain cancer survivor committed suicide after being bullied about her looks, reports said.

On a recent Wednesday afternoon in Cable, Ohio, a young girl got off the school bus and returned to her home where she later committed suicide on the back porch, according to Yahoo News!

11-year-old Bethany Thompson was a true survivor—she had previously survived a battle with brain cancer, a tumor from which gave her a somewhat “uneven grin.” However, after relentless bullying from students at her school over her appearance, Bethany decided to take her own life...

Bethany endured brain cancer eight years ago and after having a tumor removed was left with a “crooked” smile.

It was that smile that kids at school allegedly noticed and picked on, according to Bethany’s dad, Paul Thompson.

“I think that’s why she took (her life),” Thompson told the Columbus Dispatch.

Feucht later learned that Bethany had created anti-bullying posters but an administrator at school reportedly prevented her from displaying them because they weren’t positive.

“I’m sure she felt pretty defeated,” Feucht said.


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