Sacramento police fatally shoot unarmed man, Stephon Clark, in his own backyard
Sacramento, California, police fired 20 shots and killed an unarmed black man in his backyard Sunday. Stephan Clark was shot while holding a cellphone. Authorities say they were responding to a call about a suspect breaking car windows nearby.

California Police Shoot and Kill Unarmed Black Man in His Own Backyard

Police in Sacramento, Calif., shot and killed an unarmed black man in his own backyard Sunday night after mistaking his cellphone for a weapon.

In their initial press release regarding the incident, police said that officers were responding to a report of someone breaking car windows near the home where a man, later identified as Stephon Clark, lived with his grandparents and siblings. A thin, 6-foot-1 black man was said to be hiding in a residential backyard.

A Sacramento Sheriff’s Department helicopter was providing sky support and reported seeing Clark in a backyard. Those authorities told officers that they saw Clark pick up a “toolbar” and use it to break a window in the residence. Clark then allegedly ran toward the front of the house and began looking into another car. via

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