Liquor Store Owner PULLS GUN On Customer In ARGUMENT Over BROKEN $1.25 BEER BOTTLE!!
Clerk pulls a gun on customer for dropping a beer

Mississippi man who broke a $1.25 bottle of beer at a liquor store got a surprise when the store clerk pulled a gun on him in the heated exchange that followed, NBC9 reports.

A video of the confrontation shows Molina and A&B Food Mart manager Mohsen Ghaleb arguing and swearing at each other. At one point, Ghaleb pulls a gun and cocks it at Molina’s head.

In a Facebook post, Molina said when he got the beer off the shelf, he accidentally dropped a bottle and it broke. Ghaleb then held him against his will and demanded he pay for it. In the video, Molina can be heard asking that Ghaleb call the police and the owner. When the video ends, he offers Ghaleb $20 to call the police.

The video doesn’t show what preceded the argument. Molina pressed charges on Ghaleb.

“This type of behavior for what was a accident is unacceptable in our society,” he wrote. “I own a gun yet only use it in emergency situations. I feel that there should be some sort of background test on a person psychological ability to own a weapon. People with anger issues even if business owners should not be allowed to own weapons if not mentally capable of such responsibilities.”

Ghaleb appears to pull the gun from his back pocket, and Molina challenges him to shoot. At one point in the video, Molina says, “He’s gonna kill me for $1.25.”

Ghaleb was arrested on misdemeanor charges of simple assault by threat, exhibiting a deadly weapon and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, NBC9 reports. He is free after posting bail Friday.

The gun is registered to the store owner, who lives in Yemen.

William Walter, Ghaleb’s attorney, said the store manager is “known to be a good man.”

“I don’t know exactly what led up to the incident that I saw in the video,” Walter told the local station. “I’d be hesitant to say he stepped out of line.”


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