Disney Hit With Lawsuit Claiming 'Zootopia' Ripped Off 'Total Recall' Writer
Disney is now facing a serious lawsuit alleging that Oscar-winning animation film Zootopia was copied from work of Gary L. Goldman, a reputable author whose distinguished credits includes writing Total Recall and Next and producing Minority Report.

The complaint filed on Tuesday in California federal court comes from Esplanade Productions, Inc., which is being represented by the prominent law firm of Quinn Emanuel.

It opens by quoting Zootopia director Byron Howard as saying, "Don’t worry if you feel like you’re copying something, because if it comes through you, it’s going to filter through you and you’re going to bring your own unique perspective to it."

In the lawsuit, Disney is alleged to have a track record ripping off work including The Lion King, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Up, Inside Out and more.

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The complaint even illustrates alleged copying of artwork:

The complaint even illustrates alleged copying of artwork:


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